Instant Text Loans

Instant Text Loans are getting more and more popular as they are so fast and easy.

instant text loans imageIf you are interested in finding out more about instant text loans, you’ve come to the right place so please read on!

Instant text loans are a type of payday loan. You apply to a instant text loan payday loan company for a loan. You do this on their website and it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up.


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Normally the instant text loan company will make a decision in less than 15 minutes whether they will give you a loan or not. If they WILL lend to you, you can send them a text message asking them for a loan. You will get your money within 15 minutes once approved from a good, reputable company.

You repay the loan with interest on your next payday, and then if you need another loan in the future, all you need to do is to send the instant text loans company a text message and you will have your money within 15 minutes again.

A text payday loans company will check your name, and verify that you ARE who you say you are. They check your phone number  – as it is YOUR phone number that you will use in the future to text them if you need an instant text loan.

They also check your bank details – as your loan will be deposited INTO your bank – so this is very necessary – and the lender will run a very basic credit check. If you have bad credit you are still likely to get a loan.

They are checking to see if you are registered bankrupt, or if you have defaulted on any other payday loans and have a debt collection agency chasing you for payment. The credit check will vary from company to company, and we will post more details of exactly what credit check each lender does, soon.

ANY type of payday loan, whether by text message or not, will be dependent on you:

  1. Being over 18 years old
  2. Having a job with a minimum income of £500-750/month. This varies from lender to lender, but that is a rough guide. Can be a part time job.
  3. Being a UK resident – if you are not FROM the UK but live here, so long as you are employed and over 18 you should be fine.

There are many different instant text loans companies online, and lots of brokers too. You can read one of our other posts about text loans, and why we do not recommend applying for an instant text loan through a broker. There are a few select brokers who we will add to the site but in general, avoid them and check ALL payday loans companies out first before getting a loan.

We are proud to be affiliated with Text Loan. If you are needing a payday loan, then the chances are you are not in a brilliant financial position, as there are much cheaper ways to borrow money. You just need cash fast, to pay for whatever has come up this month, and you want to get out of debt as soon as you can.

Taking that as a given, if you ARE going to get a payday loan anyway, we aim to only tell you about payday loan companies who make the process of applying, getting and repaying your loan as easy, clear, fast and honest as possible.


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Many text payday lenders have extortionate charges if you are late repaying your loan which we will detail in future posts. Text Loan will charge you too, but it is the least we have found so far.

Below is a breakdown of what they offer:


  • Approval decision in 15 minutes the first time you join them
  • Money in 15 minutes each time you text them – you can only have 1 loan at a time though.
  • Loans for up to 15 days
  • Borrow up to £100 the first time
  • Borrow up to £500 for future loans, dependent on salary and repaying previous loans OK
  • Repay £17 interest per £100 borrowed over 15 days
  • Work with you if you cannot repay on due date, charges much lower than other text loans companies
  • Clear, easy to use and understand website showing their charges and terms and conditions.



If you want to visit the Text Loans website please click here or on the big orange banner below.



Warning Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to