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text loans uk Text Loans UK : THE fastest and easiest way to get a payday loan in the UK!


There are plenty of companies online offering a text payday loans service in the UK, but here at Easy Payday Lender, we will only tell you about DIRECT payday lenders.

This is because they are so much more trustworthy than payday loan brokers. Not all brokers are bad, and not all direct lenders are good, which is why we created this site, to try to help people looking for text loans in the UK and other types of payday loans find the BEST lenders.

With a direct instant text loans company, you can visit their website to see their EXACT terms and conditions and ALL their costs, you can call them up, and it’s just a better experience all round.

A text payday loans broker will send your details to many lenders and you have no control over who this is sent to and how many credit checks are done against your name. You also have no idea how secure your information is when you submit it on a brokers’ website.


TxtLoantext loans uk bannerAdvantages of Text Payday Loans


The reason payday text loans are so good and easy is because you can get your money faster than ANY other type of payday loan.

Once you are approved by the text payday lender, so long as you repay your first loan on time and in full, if you want another loan, all you need to do is to send a text and the money will be in your account in minutes!

There is NO other payday loans service that is that easy and fast in the UK.

It is a great service so please use it responsibly and NEVER borrow more than you can afford to pay back.


Are there Text Payday Loans for people with Bad Credit?


Any reputable lender will do a very basic credit check before they make a decision whether to lend to you or not.

CCJs are fine, the general rule of thumb in the UK is that so long as you are not registered bankrupt, and do not have any outstanding debts that are currently being chased by a debt collecting agency – which will show up on your credit file – you will pass the credit check.

Please do NOT think that this will ALWAYS be the case – this is just the impression that we get from the majority of reputable lenders that we have spoken to when researching this article.

Of course, for ANY payday loan, you will need to show that you HAVE a job, as the amount of money you can borrow will directly depend on your income.

The lender has to be sure that you will be able to repay your loan by your next payday and that you will not suffer any financial hardship by doing so.

This is called responsible lending. No matter how desperately you need money, please understand that this is for YOUR benefit!


Possible Direct Text Payday Loan Lenders


We are a new site here at Easy Payday Lender so please keep coming back, as we are adding lots of new content every day!

Right now, the only really transparent direct lending company we have found that offers text loans in the UK is a company called Text Loans.

They offer loans up to 15 days. You can borrow up to £100 the first time you have a loan with them but this can increase up to a maximum of £500 after you build up your trust rating with them, and subject to your salary.


Click Here To Visit The Text Loans UK Website


Here is a brief overview of what they offer:

[pricing price=”17 Interest per £100 Borrowed For Up To 15 Days” currency=”£” title=”Text Loans” desc=”Text Loans UK – Fast and Easy” moretext=”Apply Now!” url=”http://easypaydaylender.com/textloansuk” window=”new”]
[feature] Loans Up To £500 [/feature]
[feature] First Loan £100 [/feature]
[feature] Loans up to 15 days[/feature]
[feature] For UK Residents [/feature]
[feature] Need A UK Bank Account [/feature]
[feature] Need A Debit Card [/feature][/pricing]


Warning Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk.