Payday Loans No Guarantor

Payday Loans No Guarantor

Payday Loans No Guarantor loans are loans which are approved without needing the help or permission of another to join the loan agreement. A guarantor is someone who can guarantee the loan. This means, if you cannot pay your loan then your guarantor will be the next person who would be liable to repay the loan back.

If you don’t have anyone then its OK as there are a lot of payday loans lenders who can issue payday loans no guarantor.

Comparison between a payday loan with a guarantor and without.

With a guarantor requirements:

  1. Two valid debit card,
  2. Two signatures,
  3. Two employment details,
  4. Both Payslips,
  5. Both aged 18 or over,
  6. Both UK citizens,

Without a guarantor requirements:

  1. A valid debit card,
  2. Over the age of 18,
  3. A UK Bank
  4. A Payslip

As you may see, it is much easier to obtain a payday loans no guarantor necessary. The implications of non payment would mean, a decrement in credit scores for both the applicant and the guarantor.

Payday loans no guarantor loan limits.

Payday loans in this category ranges from £20 to £1000 per a loan term up to 31 days. However, with a guarantor, it can range from £20 to £2000 as it would be more credible with not one person on the loan agreement but two.

If you need an emergency cash advance, apply for a loan with no guarantor here. We will be provide a list of no guarantor loan at ease with no complications.

Funding times for these loans is usually between 5 minutes to 4 hrs and always on the same day of application approval.

Failure to pay. If you are struggling to pay back the outstanding amount on the repayment date, you may be eligible to roll the account over to your next repayment date, usually on your next payday.  You would need to contact the lender in advance to qualify as some lenders are quite strict when notifying to extend the loan over.

Warning Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to