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Payday Express

Payday express are on the top leading payday express lender in the UK.

With over 3 express products to choose from, they currently lead the payday with fast credit scoring systems in order to speed up the funding process.

Applying for payday loan cannot be hard with these express pay that are available. Fees for an express payment payday into your bank can vary from £5 to £20.

These express fees are usually called Faster payments, Fast payday express payment fee, Faster payment services. It is an important option to make as a payday are usually obtained

for an quick cash use and therefore a quick express payment may be need most of the time as payday may not come in time to avoid those unforeseen circumstances.


Whilst Payday express hits the market, it usually carries a fee of £15 to fund the same day just like a normal express payday loan.

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Interest rate for these types of loans can vary from 22 to 39%. Some lenders may charge up to £20 for an express payment service which would be deducted from the actual bank funding amount.  In order to apply, you must be over the age of 18, have a debit card and a valid bank account. Most of the banks are accepted and therefore it would be your best interest to consult their help, Faq section in order to get the details of the criteria of obtaining such a cash loan.

Most companies do have a first step filtering stage that would you need to meet in order to be soft approved for a loan before it is shown to an underwriter.

Here is a list of rules or criteria that you would need to meet before posting your application online.

  1. Age over 18 and less than 60
  2. Hold a valid bank in the UK
  3. Full or Part time employed
  4. Within a specific industry
  5. Earn over £400



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