Kwik Cash Contact

Kwik Cash Contact

Kwick Cash are direct payday lenders. They can borrow you between £80 to £500. A £100 loan would have a repayment of £125 over 28 days.

Applying for payday loan with Kwik Cash can be done online at

Kwik Cash Registered address:

28-32 Wellington Road

Kwik cash can be contacted on 0800 80 89 803 (Monday – Thursday 09:00-20:00, Friday 08:00-20:00)

OR via email Customer Services Email:

Taking out a payday loan with Kwik Cash can be done online or via the telephone. Once approved for a payday loan with Kwik Cash, you will need to pass through various stages in order to get your loan funded into your account. You will need to verify your mobile via SMS.  A pin will be sent to the mobile number you stated in your payday loan application. After which, you will need to sign your Kwik cash payday loan agreement via an online process usually done by an electronic signature.

Payday loans are used for those needing a Kwik emergency cash. You maybe facing a difficult financial situation where you need a boost in funds in order to drive through to your next payday. With these loans, depending on your history and maybe, your credit record,, you may be eligible to borrow up to £900.

Payday loans for £400+ really have different extra criteria needed to meet in order to be approved by the payday lender. This would normally be replying on the applicants monthly income. For a payday loan of £400 +, you may need a salary of £1250  less expenses = around £670 left to cover the repayment. And so, most payday lenders look at the disposable income rather than the applicants actual income.
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