Cash Cow Payday

Cash Cow Payday

Cash Cow Payday lenders are international based who lends up to £400 with criteria of the following:

  • Over the age of 18 years old,
  • In full time employment,
  • Earn minimum of £400,
  • Have UK bank,
  • Have a valid and active debit card.
  • Be a UK citizen,

Cash cow payday loans issue payday loans to people who need it for financial reasons such as short of cash, unexpected bills, and unexpected breakdowns.

Cash cow payday loans have a similar criteria than the rest of the payday lenders in the market. The most important criteria are normally your employment details, salary, outstanding credits and affordability.

Although, Cash cow payday lender are situation international (outside the UK), they still have the ability for a faster payments service and therefore have a fee to execute this part when funding the funds into your nominated bank account. have a faster payments options.

Tips when getting a payday loan from Cash Cow Payday lender.

Always read the terms and conditions, repayment options and interest / fees charged. You don’t want yourself to end up in a situation where fall into a hole because you was late asking for your loan to rollover. Find out the rollover option, the limit and the latest time you can rollover.

Loan rollover / extensions has fees attached to it and most of the time you may have a time where you request a rollover withing a certain time frame before your loan is due on the repayment date. You will have to check the lender first for this charges, cash cow charges a interest fee of 33% to rollover which is understandable as the cash in principal is held for a longer time than agreed.

Apply for a payday loan now and always look out for the small print or terms and conditions of the loan before applying. Sometimes its best to read as much as possible as you never know what situation will be in when the day comes to when you have to repay the loan back.

Warning Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to