October 8, 2012

Payday Loans Direct Lenders UK

Please find below 2 of the best payday loans direct lenders in the UK. If you are visiting us from the USA, we will have sections of this site dedicated to US payday loans direct lenders too. Please bear with us as we are still building this site. We will add more lenders soon.

These websites are easy to use, you get a decision really fast, it’s easy to contact the lender, they have loads of information on their site, they are clearly displaying their consumer credit license, and just look more professional than 90% of the payday loans websites out there!


[pricing price=”117″ currency=”$” title=”Text Loans” desc=”The original super fast text loans service” moretext=”Apply Online Now” url=”http://easypaydaylender.com/textloansf” window=”new”]
[feature] Loans for up to 15 days [/feature]
[feature] Borrow up to $100 the first time [/feature]
[feature] Borrow up to $500 in future [/feature]
[feature] Interest charge is $17 per £100 borrowed[/feature]
[feature] Actual yearly interest rate : 414% [/feature]
[feature checkmark=”x”] Cannot roll loans over for longer than 15 days[/feature]
[feature] Bad Credit OK[/feature]
[feature] Need a UK bank account[/feature]
[feature] Easy Online Application[/feature]
[feature] Most decisions in 15 minutes[/feature]
[feature] For UK Residents [/feature]
[feature] Need A Debit Card [/feature]
[pricing price=”129.95″ currency=”$” title=”Payday UK” desc=”Fast, Flexible and Will Work WITH You” moretext=”Apply Online Now” type=”big” url=”http://easypaydaylender.com/paydayukf” window=”new”]
[feature] Loans for up to 38 Days [/feature]
[feature] Borrow up to $400 the first time[/feature]
[feature] Borrow up to $1000 in future [/feature]
[feature] Interest charge is $29.95 per £100 borrowed per 30 days[/feature]
[feature] Actual yearly interest rate : 359.4% [/feature]
[feature] Can roll loans over up to 3 times[/feature]
[feature] Bad Credit OK [/feature]
[feature] Need a UK bank account[/feature]
[feature] Easy Online Application[/feature]
[feature] Most decisions in 15 minutes[/feature]
[feature] For UK Residents [/feature]
[feature] Need A Debit Card [/feature]

We are still contacting lenders and we will only put the most honest, transparent direct payday lenders on this site.

Payday Loans Direct Lenders where you know exactly how much you will be charged and when – lenders where their customers are satisfied and would use them again.

Payday Loans Direct Lenders, are MUCH better than payday brokers in 99% of cases. A payday loans broker is a company who will take your information once in an online form like all the direct payday lenders, but then they will send your information to many different payday lenders until they find you a loan.

They will get a commission for this which is fine and normal, but what is NOT fine, is that a lot of these sites will send your details to dodgy lenders, and ones that you have no idea WHO they are.

So we will mostly be reviewing payday loans direct lenders on this website, apart from a few really exceptional brokers, where they really do offer a great service and have very secure websites with lots of information about who they are, how they operate, and also, they have been operating a long time.
[box type=”warning”]


Payday Loans are expensive! Please do not take them out unless you can DEFINITELY repay them in FULL on your next payday.

They cost a lot because it is risky for the lender lending to people with bad credit. Not everyone repays their loan, and this makes it more expensive for EVERYONE including the people who DO repay their loans on time.

If Payday Loans are your only option for short term credit, please respect them. If YOU lent someone money, you would want it back too!

All the lenders we list on this site will do their best to work out a payment plan with you should the worst happen and you are unable to repay a payday loan on the due date – just PLEASE be aware that if you do NOT pay a loan back on time and do NOT contact the lender to tell them, you will pay a LOT more than advertised.

This varies from lender to lender and we tell you EXACTLY what each lender charges on this site. Please read it before you take out a loan so you know what you are getting into.

Please note too that we ONLY write about lenders where their late charges are CLEARLY stated on their website – AND do NOT go too over the top. [/box]

We hope you enjoyed this article about payday loans direct lenders, please come back to check our updates really soon.

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Warning Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk.